2020 Balloon Spectacular

Meet the star of this year’s Canberra Balloon Spectacular – T-Rex!

The 2020 Canberra Balloon Spectacular starts on Saturday 7 March and runs for 9 days until Sunday 15 March.  Around 30 balloons fly each day, weather permitting.

To book a flight during the Spectacular please call us on 02 6248 8200.  It’ll be Roar-some!



Weekends (includes Canberra Day public holiday on Monday 9 March)

Balloon Spectacular weekend flight               $395/person (13+)
Balloon Spectacular weekend child flight       $290/child (6-12 years & less than 45kg)

Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday)

Balloon Spectacular weekday flight                $345/person (13+)
Balloon Spectacular weekday child flight        $290/child (6-12 years & less than 45kg)

Flights include a country-style cooked breakfast and champagne back at the launch site.

Bookings essential – phone: 02 6248 8200 or email sales@dawndrifters.com.au